The Original

The original brought together four critical partners: Credential Securities, CanWest Media, StockTrak Technologies, and Stockgroup/Stockhouse. The StockStar agreement between the partners was signed on July 28, 2008.


CanWest threw all of their weight behind StockStar including television, print and online. was produced by Stockgroup, powered by StockTrak, hosted by CanWest Global, and branded by Credential Securities.


StockStar targeted neophyte traders, helping them hone their skills through market simulation games set within the Credential trading environment. The contest launched on Aug 15, 2008 and ran until Feb 15 2009, with results announced March 2009.

The Results was a success for all parties involved. Here is how each stakeholder won via StockStar:

  • Credential – achieved the highest single quarter of account openings ever as a result of being the premier sponsor, despite the economy being in the midst of a recession.

  • CanWest Global – created a brand new revenue stream and increased ad traffic to all of their media properties involved (online, TV, and print).

  • StockTrak – created a new revenue stream financing the expansion of their company including the launch of

  • Stockgroup – captured the software and market data business for both CanWest & StockTrak (licensing deals worth over half a million dollars), created a new market for its real-time trade streamer product.